Terms and conditions of use

1.Common rules
1.1 Agreement between Buyer and Seller Art Gallery SESE. www.seseart.lt
1.2. You can buy from us online.
1.3. Seller in online Gallery SESE shows images of art works for buyers.
1.4. All artwork is made individually by hand.
1.5 The rules are created following existing laws in Lithuania. The seller  has the right to change them any time if there are new changes in the country's law. Buyer can learn about any changes in this agreement at the time of the transaction.

2. Making the agreement
2.1. Images in online store Art Gallery SESE doesn't obligate anybody to buy.
2.2. A buyer who wants to make a purchase should provide all required information before checking out.
2.3. Agreement between Seller and Buyer becomes valid after the buyer clicks the button "Buy". If the buyer disagrees with the terms of the transaction, he is advised not to make the purchase.

3. Prices and expenses
3.1. The price you see in our online store is only for the artwork. It doesn't include packaging, shipping, customs, insurance and other fees.
3.2. Shipping cost depends on the shipping method the buyer choses.

4. How to pay
4.1. The buyer can pay in different ways:
4.1.1.Transfer money directly to our bank account from Buyer's bank.
4.1.2. Transfer money electronically  to our bank account.
4.1.3. Pay by PayPal.
4.2. Buyer is obligated to pay within 2 business days from the day of the buy.
4.3. If the payment  is not made within 2 business days we will cancel the transaction.
4.4. If buyer does not make full payment on time, the piece may be sold to another customer.  In this case, the buyer's full deposit will be refunded.

4.5. Buyer  will receive a full refund  if the item he wishes to purchase is no longer available.

5. Delivery
5.1. The purchase will be shipped after receiving  payment.
5.2. Seller is obligated to deliver purchases  to Buyer in a timely fashion.
5.3. Seller is obligated to properly pack purchases before shipping.

6. Risks of delivery
6.1. Buyer is responsible for lost or destroyed purchases if our records show that purchase was delivered in it's original condition.
6.2. The shipping company is responsible if the purchase was damaged or lost during shipping.

7.  Buyer's rights
7.1 Buyer has the right to buy in our online store following all the rules listed above when shopping at www.seseart.lt
7.2 The buyer can cancel the purchase agreement within 7 business days after receiving the item. Refunds will be given only on unused items in the original packaging. Refunds can’t be given if customer damaged or changed something in the item.

7.3. Refunds will not be given on commissioned items or custom framing.

7.4. Refunds will be limited to the amount you paid for the piece. They will not include shipping, customs and other fees you paid buying it.

8.  Seller's rights
8.1 Seller has the right to close the online store temporary or permanently without any special announcement.
8.2 Seller has right to cancel the  agreement with buyer if the buyer doesn't pay for the purchase within 2 business days.
8.3 Seller has right to deny buyer's access to this online store if the buyer shows attempts to harm the stability or safety of this store.
8.4. Seller is allowed by the law in this country to change information of any purchase “www.seseart.lt “ or some rules. Seller can change lists of items, their descriptions, prices, shipping terms and conditions without informing the buyer personally. 
8.5. Seller works following current law acts valid in Lithuania.

9. Seller's responsibilities
9.1. Seller is responsible for Art Gallery's SESE financial and physical damages.
9.2. Seller is not responsible for damages caused by the buyer. 

10. Buyer's rights
10.1. Seller is responsible for delivering merchandise as represented.
10.2. All items are carefully inspected before shipping. If your purchase was damaged in shipment, please notify us in writing within 5 calendar days after receiving it.
10.3. If a damaged or defective piece is received the buyer can ask the seller to either fix the defect or to exchange the item. The buyer may cancel the purchase after     two unsuccessful attempts to remedy the problem. 

10.4. No refunds or exchanges will be given on any item damaged or misused after receipt.

11. Buyer's responsibility
11.1  Buyer's responsibility to accept delivery.
11.2. Buyer understands that online store  “www.seseart.lt “ will not make refunds due to mismatched or misunderstood descriptions. Buyer is responsible for contacting seller to make sure he has all necessary information before making a purchase.
11.3. Buyer is responsible for providing accurate information. Otherwise seller has the right to ask for compensatory damages.
11.4. Buyer is responsible for his own actions using this online store.
11.5. Buyer is responsible for understanding the terms of this agreement.
11.6. External links from “ www.sese.lt are not the seller's responsibility.
11.7. Buyer is obligated to follow all the rules listed above when shopping at  “ www.seseart.lt“ .

12. Data security
12.1. Seller will make every effort to protect client’s privacy and personal data.
12.2. Seller will use available data only during business transactions. Seller will use email addresses or phone numbers for our online store updates and offers if you request it. Gallery SESE will not share your data with anybody nor will we sell it to the third parties.
12.3. Seller is not responsible for unlawful hijacking but will take all normal measures to prevent it from happening.
12.4. Buyer agrees that his data will be used for purposes listed above.

13. Final resolution
Any dispute between buyer and seller will be settled by negotiations.