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Arvydas Kasauskas was born in 1959, in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1982 he graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts and obtained a bachelor's degree in fresco – mosaic specialty. One of his teachers was a famous Lithuanian painter – Algimantas Svegzda, whose extremely realistic manner of painting highly influenced the art of A. Kasauskas.

 Artist’s compositions stand out for their formal elements. A. Kasauskas’ brushstrokes are decidedly defined, separated and unblended as well as the different colors present as separate planes. Artist also builds up thick layers of paints, making objects appear more three-dimensional. Moreover, A. Kasauskas focuses on traditional genre painting – landscapes or intimate scenes from daily life. In the paintings, nature and architecture are always close and intertwined – the forms of nature appear to be overwhelmed by the rigor forms of architecture. Lithuania is the keyword in the artist’s works. It is interesting to notice how the Lithuanian identity of the creator is manifested both in the form and the content of creation. Every landscape, town or village is portrayed with great care and sensitivity and creates the sensation of stagnation in time. Through monumental compositions, Kasauskas represents Lithuanian characteristics such as modesty, nostalgy or reticence.

 Another important part of the artist’s creation is small-scale gestural paintings. These artworks are filled with fields of bold color and abstract forms while energetic and expressive brushstrokes interact with contrasting coloring.

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